How to break free from your past

How to break free from your past

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, often talks about the essence of discovering one's inner strength to attain peace in life. Recently, he has published a book entitled “When the Desert Blooms”, which has changes thousands of lives since its publication in 2018. The book helps people get ahead in life. You can use the past to draw lessons from life experiences.

However, past lives may be haunting the affected individual for many years, preventing them from getting ahead in life. Getting away from the past life is a challenging thing to do. However, if you want to succeed in life, it is important to focus on and live in the present. How to break free from your past? How to live in the present and deter your mind from the haunting past? Find out some practical tips to advance your life journey successfully.

Focus on the present life

In order to forget the past, it is advisable not to mourn for what had happened, or what had been lost. In addition, it is important to avoid anticipating troubles. Instead, focusing all the attention on the present enables you to fully live in the present wisely and industriously. In addition, it is important to focus on the good sides of living in the present.

  • An advantage of living in the present is it saves you from stress and heartache.
  • It helps to prevent high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease.
  • It is good for the mind as well. Therefore, be thankful to God for being still alive, and also give thanks to your surroundings for their contributions to your lives.

Identify the major obstacles to your current life

It is true that some of our surroundings have harmed our feelings badly. Keeping negative feelings in our heart does no better than attracting further waves of obstacles to success. Eliminate the major obstacle to the present, which is holding grudges. Not only does this attitude create health problems, but it also acts as a barrier to the blessings from heaven.

Make an effort to forgive those who have hurt your feelings. Forgiveness is accepting that those who acted badly against us served as instruments to shape our lives for the better. In other words, always look at the bright side of everything and enjoy every moment in the present time.

Practice mindfulness

The most powerful tool to overcome the poignant past is to start meditation. One technique which is known as the mindfulness meditation can be helpful. It consists in sitting calmly and comfortably in your room and think back about what had really happened back then.

Ask yourself questions and listen to your heart answering those questions. Should there be any difficult questions to answer, then, you can pray and ask for assistance from God. Listen also to your breathing, and observe them. Try to understand the reasons for such change in breathing and mood in you so as to fully get an answer to your question.

Take actions

Once all the reasons for your worries are identified, decide that from now on, you are going to focus on your current life and get ahead in life. Understand the reason for your living. Remember that there are many needy people in the world who want to keep their journey through life and succeed, but they can't because of financial restrictions. You have a duty in assisting those people, helping them to retrieve the sunshine.

There are humanitarian associations which are devoted to help the deprived individuals. Volunteers to join and contribute to the survival of the disaster-stricken victims. Bring your share and visit an orphanage center. If you need help, you can join for example a foundation like the Prem Rawat Foundation, which works for peace and for humanitarian assistance.

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