10 Ways To Let Go And Make Peace With Your Past

10 Ways To Let Go And Make Peace With Your Past

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, is a promoter of peace in the world. He is involved with sharing his unique message of peace, which reinforces that peace is possible. He has helped millions of people to become personally developed through his best-seller entitled, “When the Desert Blooms.” The novel was written in Spanish and has inspired millions of people to discover their inner strengths since its publication in 2018.

Getting entrapped in the past life events is a huge problem that many people are faced with. Not knowing what to do, some turn into alcohol; others have lost hopes in life and become desperate. In fact, the trap is so deep that it ruins the present life.

Discover 10 ways to let go and make peace with your past

1. Re-visit the past, and make peace with it

Sit quietly in your room, preferably on a mat on the floor to feel comfortable. Then, think about what exactly happened in the past. How you feel about it. Observe your breathing during the process. Forgive everyone who might have harmed you back then. Make peace with everyone; and repeat the same technique three or five times until you feel at peace when thinking back about the past.

2. Connect the past to the present

If the negative feeling is caused by the atrocities of someone or some people who was once acquainted with you, consider how they are nowadays. Pray for them so that they become new individuals, treating the others well. Avoid cursing or wishing them the worst. This will not bring about anything good to you.

3. Forgive and forget

Forgiveness works a miracle when it comes to making peace with the past. Whatever harm people have caused to you, forgive them. That is what the holy Bible teaches Christians, and that is what spiritual leaders teach their students. Forgive and forget what had happened. You will surely begin to feel a great relief if you wipe out all the grudges you have held for ages in your heart.

4. Accept your current condition

Have you been hurt by a spouse who has deserted you? Has your boss fired you because of different points of view? Accept the current situation and be ready to get ahead in your new life.

5. Focus on the bright side

Instead of tarnishing your energy about negative past failure, devote your time and make efforts to make your future brighter. Learn from the past, and make a pledge to yourself that the lesson learned will change your future into a brighter world.

6. Express your pain

People often relate to their parents, siblings, or close friends when they feel hurt. However, they cannot really soothe you from your poignant pain from the past turmoil. The best thing is to express your feelings to God. Humble yourself, tell everything to Him. This can be done while talking very softly, so that your voice cannot be heard by humans. Other people express their pain through a journal, which is also helpful especially if it is addressed to Him.

7. Build a new environment

Put some beautiful plants and flowers around your home and in the garden. This should inspire your good mood every morning. Raise some chicken and feed them every day. Engaging yourself in a new environment makes you feel good again.

8. Re-model or re-arrange your room

This may cost some money to you, but it is helpful to re-model your apartment or your room in order to let the past harmful go. Changing the curtains, painting the walls differently can help.

9. Get rid of harmful souvenirs

Clean your room thoroughly and get rid of any hidden harmful souvenirs. For example, delete any harmful emails completely since you have decided to forget and forgive. It is also necessary to get rid of old photos with those who have harmed you, and focus on your current acquaintances and surroundings.

10. Meditate regularly

Mindfulness is a kind of meditation practice which helps you better understand your life. Sit for 15 minutes. Breathe in and breathe out and stop worrying.

In addition, if you need further help, the peace messenger, Prem Rawat, is a promoter of inner peace, and provides peace education to help suffering individuals to attain mind tranquility. It is probably a good idea to read his novel and find out how to make peace with your past.

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